Ohio Voter File

Lee A. Becker is a resident of Ohio.

Lee's voter registration details and election history records are below.

Full Name

Lee A. Becker


July 16th

Registration Date

October 16, 1995

Registration Status


State Voter ID


County Voter ID




Registered Address

XXXX North Mulberry St.
Spencerville, OH 45887-1141


Spencerville B

Precinct Code


Eligible Voter for

  • Township Spencer
  • Spencerville Village
  • Spencerville Local School District
  • Apollo JVSD
  • Allen County Educational Service Center
  • State Board of Education - 1st District
  • Lima Municipal Court
  • 3rd District Court of Appeals
  • Ohio House of Representatives - District 4
  • Ohio Senate - District 12
  • 4th Congressional District

Recent Voting History

  • 2000 General election
  • 2003 General election
  • 2004 General election
  • 2008 General election
  • 2010 General election
  • 2011 General election
  • 2012 General election
  • 2016 General election
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